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Health implications for women harassed on public transport - study

Public transport is prone to harassment situations towards women because the high passenger density in confined spaces creates a conducive environment for unwanted behaviors.

Light rail construction may have caused rising flea-borne typhus cases in Tel Aviv

Light rail construction in Tel Aviv causes many problems, but this is one of the most worrying. What do we know about Murine typhus?


Children of cancer patients find support through young-adult buddy system

“If I can make something beautiful out of something that’s not beautiful, I want to do that.”


Children who lose their tonsils are not doomed to obesity in adulthood - study

Tonsil surgery is the primary treatment for OSA, but the medical literature and affected families have been worried that the children would gain weight and be at risk for obesity in adulthood.  

Missouri accuses Planned Parenthood of 'trafficking' minors to get abortions

The lawsuit cites undercover footage released by the conservative Project Veritas showing a Planned Parenthood Great Plains employee offer to arrange an abortion for a 13-year-old in Kansas.


More Israeli health professionals licensed in 2023 but below OECD average

The data came from the Health Ministry’s annual Manpower in the Health Professions annual report issued on Thursday.

You may breathe in more nanoparticles from gas stove than from car exhaust - study

Adults and children could be breathing in 10 to 100 times more nanocluster aerosol from cooking on a gas stove indoors than they would from car exhaust.

Depression, anxiety rates among Israeli children spike since Oct. 7 - expert

A recent study reports a recent rise in depression rates in children. An Israeli expert notes a similar increase in Israel after the October 7 massacre.

Talking speed key to understanding brain health, new study suggests

“Our results show that changes in general talking speed may reflect changes in the brain,” noted lead author Dr. Jed Meltzer at Baycrest, a global leader in aging and brain health.

Weizmann study makes a step towards treatment for incurable Huntington's disease

In a significant development, researchers at the Weizmann Institute received promising results after testing possible treatments for Huntington's disease (HD) on mice.

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