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Earth used as test subject for mission to study exoplanets for life - study

Researchers in Switzerland used NASA to study Earth as if they were 30 light years away as a test for the LIFE mission to study exoplanets.


New spray can detect fingerprints in 10 seconds

A UK-Chinese team of scientists developed the biocompatible fluorescent spray from a jellyfish protein.

Researchers find 'excessively' large red supermassive black hole in early universe - study

A large and red supermassive black hole was found in a distant galaxy during the early years of the universe is excessively big for its galaxy, raising more questions about early galaxy formation.


NASA wanted to change an asteroid's orbit. It also changed the asteroid's shape - study

NASA sent the DART mission to hit an asteroid to try and change its orbit.


Over 100 new marine species discovered in underwater expedition in Chile

The southeast Pacific is a geological hotbed and is littered with hydrothermal vents that sustain a wide variety of living creatures.

Get to know the Winter Butterfly

This beautiful creature has colorful rear wings, and surprisingly, its front wings are almost transparent. No other butterfly in Israel has transparent-like wings except the Apollo.


Giant snake species accidentally discovered during filming with Will Smith

Some reports suggest the snake can grow to lengths exceeding 7.5 metres long and weigh 500 kilograms.

US achieves first moon landing in half century with private spacecraft

The proliferation of commercial space ventures has itself been driven by leaps in technology in recent decades.


Scientists find neutron star in heart of supernova, solving decades-old puzzle - study

The discovery of the neutron star at the center of the supernova finally puts to an end a mystery that has puzzled scientists for over three decades. 


Dwarf planets at Solar System's fringes may be geologically active - study

The dwarf planets in question, Eris and Makemake, are both found in the Kuiper Belt past Neptune's orbit and are far from the Sun's warmth, similar to fellow dwarf planet Pluto. 

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