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5 more years elections: New Israeli settlement awaits families

On a pivotal Election Day, Israel unveils plans for 'Mishmar Yehuda', a settlement meant to expand Gush Etzion near Kidar, reinforcing the region's Jewish presence.

Big revelation: Meet Israel's top 22 most popular mayors

Three of Israel's top mayors: Ronen Plot of Nof HaGalil leads with 98.5% support, followed by Ruvik Danilovich of Beer Sheva with 96.6%, and Nissim Gozlan of Be'er Yaakov with 96%.

Evolution of Jerusalem's Bar-Ilan/Shmuel Hanavi Interchange

Traffic Corner: The Bar-Ilan/Shmuel Hanavi interchange serves as a focal point for the lighr rail, with plans to integrate both the Green Line and the Blue Line of the light rail system.

NIS 850 Million allocated: Israel's largest rehabilitation hospital to be built

Future home of Israel's largest rehabilitation campus: Spanning approximately 1.6 hectares, with 12 treatment departments and about 450 beds. Estimated completion timeframe: 7 years.

Israel's housing crisis: 204,000 families struggle to afford rent

Data from a Knesset inquiry reveals the dire situation. Which cities are the worst hit – and what's being done?

War zone realities: Kibbutz life amid endless bombs, no services, neglected education

Witnessing the struggle: a resident shares the heartbreaking reality of eight kibbutzim near the Lebanon border, unaided amid a war zone.

Yemin Moshe: Where past and future fuse

Neighborhood Corner: Yemin Moshe is one of Jerusalem’s more upscale neighborhoods in terms of real estate, surrounded by gardens with a panoramic view of the Old City walls. 

Housing market shift: 2023's impact on buyers and contractors

In 2023, apartment sales plummeted by 35%, with a quarter sold under government subsidies. The remaining new apartment inventory surpassed the total 2023 sales.

Urban Renewal Capital: This is a massive plan approved in Jerusalem

Jerusalem greenlights four urban renewal plans for Kiryat Menachem, proposing 1,709 units & two 41-story towers, pending district committee approval.

A 900-year-old castle seeks new owner to call it home

Appleby Castle, once home to Scottish and English monarchs, is now a luxury hotel seeking a wealthy buyer to reign over its halls.

Development project brings new residents to Gan Yavne

Blueprint for the new residential hub, in the heart of the country, features 1,700 apartments and ample space for employment, commerce, and public buildings.

The urgency of urban renewal; it directly impacts human lives

Report from the Knesset: Elazar Bamberger introduces urgent government plan for urban renewal in earthquake-prone cities.

Arnona Hills: Jerusalem’s newest residential gem

Our Homes: Surrounded by breathtaking nature on the edge of the Judean Hills and overlooking the valleys below, this new gem promises a lifestyle of luxury and tranquility.

Mishkenot Ha’uma: A new center of national and urban sophistication

NEIGHBORHOOD CORNER: Mishkenot Ha’uma is a forward-looking neighborhood and a statement of Jerusalem’s intentions to grow and modernize as an international city.

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