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tamar gas

Israel to increase gas exports to Egypt, energy minister rules

"This step will expand the country's revenue and strengthen diplomatic ties between Israel and Egypt," Energy Minister Israel Katz said.


Enlight launches largest solar-storage fusion project in Israel

Amongst the explosion of Israeli energy startups, one is set to change the way solar power can be stored.

Israeli co. boosts Colorado's electricity grid stability

In the US, 16% of SolarEdge's battery installations are now enrolled in grid services programs.

Israel and Jordan inch closer to water-for-energy deal

Jordan faces severe water scarcity, which has been exacerbated by drought and scorching heat.


KKL-JNF brings 122 years of knowledge to Africa in the fight against climate change

Over the years, KKL-JNF has transformed the dry landscape, ensuring water security for millions of people and making Israel a pilot site for resilience to climate change.


Tel Aviv light rail to bring heavy changes to city life

MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS: After years of construction and billions in cost, the Tel Aviv Light Rail starts heading down the track.

Tel Aviv light rail train car

Tel Aviv light rail will not run on Shabbat

The decision is a blow to activists who had been pushing for the opening, both of the light rail and of buses.

Oil prices to surge; US oil in high demand, as supply slowly dwindles

A quick look at the global oil market reveals supply disruptions, OPEC+ decisions, and shifting demand dynamics.

'Israel Earth Prize': Win a million shekels for environmental innovation

According to Union Motors, the Toyota importer in Israel, the aim is to promote environmental initiatives in Israel for a better world.

Could natural gas exports change the Israeli government's trajectory?

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: When one’s client is in the midst of a crisis, redirect, divert, and distract the public’s attention to something bigger, preferably better, happening elsewhere.

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